What to expect in this course

Motherbody Essentials is all about taking care of your incredible mamabody.

I consider the information in this course to be fundamental to recovering healthy function of your 'core' after giving birth. Regardless of how you gave birth or even how long ago you gave birth. The work in this program is appropriate for you whether you're still within the first forty days of motherhood, or even if you've already lived 40 years as a mother.

This course offers you the foundations for how and why to work safely and progressively to rehabilitate your remarkable mother body. If you need and want to figure out how to re organise, coordinate and thoughtfully strengthen your post birth body, then this course is for you.

This course will not be high intensity, exhausting, or sweaty. It will be kind, gentle and nurturing.

We'll cover breathing, alignment, pelvic floor and abdominal activation, and how to move your body safely in your everyday life.

Motherbody Essentials includes all the fundamentals you need to know to help rehabilitate your body after giving birth.

This is not an exercise program focussed on toning up and getting fit. This is a course where you can learn how to help your body recover better from the challenges of pregnancy, birth and mothering. Whilst taking into account your specific needs as a mother including, healing from birth, sleep deprivation, not having much time alone, exhaustion, the effects breastfeeding has on your body, how hours of holding a small baby makes your neck and shoulders unfathomably tight, and your increased nutritional needs if you're breastfeeding.

This course is intended to give you the tools you need to initiate and support restoring your body from the inside out before you return to your favourite exercise, and so that you're strong for your motherlife.

Most of all I want this course to offer you a path towards caring for and reflecting on the awesomeness of your mother body.

She doesn't need to be 'fixed', she's not broken. She needs to be loved and nurtured and nourished so she can find her way to her new normal, inside of the motherlife.

If you are within the first six weeks or the fourth trimester after giving birth please take it slowly and gently. You might stick with week one for several weeks or even months knowing that your priority for now is good nutrition, rest, rest and rest, minimising stress levels and facilitating good breathing patterns.

If you have an injury like prolapse, diastasis or pelvic pain but are outside of the fourth trimester then take this course week by week if life allows. And, some of you might wish to take this course again and again. Especially if you're struggling with exhaustion, depletion, pain or dysfunction, then the work in this course will slowly give you the foundations you need to be able to rehabilitate and recover the health and function of your body after giving birth. But you might need to repeat the work in the course to help you and your body slowly understand and make the changes to how you use your body.

Ultimately I hope that by participating in this course you'll understand how to care for your body better during daily life, and also whilst participating in exercise or sport if thats what you want. I hope that you'll learn the signs and symptoms of when you're body is working too hard, before its done too much, so that you can slowly and progressively gather your strength without becoming exhausted or creating further injury.

For some people this will happen quickly, perhaps in just a month, and for others it will take many months or even years to understand how to work with your body and feel healed rather than trying to 'do' something to your body to improve, or 'fix' it'.

Please know theres no rush and no competition, theres just you and your body, your time and your life. And you're so worth taking very good care of.

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